Tuesday 14 December 2010

When ethics regulations have unethical consequences

I've been blogging away from home lately. On 1st December, Guardian Science published a guest blog from me relating to a recent PLOS One article, in which I examined the amount of research, and research funding, for different neurodevelopmental disorders. There are some worrying disparities between disorders, which need explanation.  I've already had lots of interesting emails and comments on the post, but I'm planning to revisit this topic shortly, and would welcome more input, so please feel free to add comments here if you wish.

My latest blog is a guest post for Science 3.0, on ethical (and unethical) issues in data-sharing.
How (some) researchers view ethics committees (IRBs)

Disclaimer: the author is vice-chair of the Medical Sciences Interdiscliplinary Research Ethics Committee at the University of Oxford, and notes that most committee members are on the side of the angels.

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