Monday 31 May 2010

Postscript : Academic mobbing in cyberspace

Remarkably, if you scroll down to the end of the petition you find a couple of entries where people have signed up in order to warn others not to sign! It seems that the petition is really treated more as a blog. Academic Fraud by Evans is the the charge. This petition has nothing to do with Academic Freedom. This is a travesty and we hope Dawkins and Pinker come down very hard on Evans Look at the facts and and evidence-- we have been fooled Evans is a pariah from now on-- His outrageous fraud by Web 2.0 is beyond contempt. Violet Memills. Do NOT sign this petition. It is possible that the bandwagon of backlash against political correctness is being used to cover bullying and abusive behaviour. It is best to let the situation resolve itself without externally fabricated public pressure to judge one way or the other. UCC staff member

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  1. this is another very intresting.It containings infromation and warning about the fraud for those who want to seek admittion in academy